Historic BRUNSWICK Georgia City By The Sea

The Provincial Council of the Royal Province of Georgia founded our enchanting town in 1771.

Brunswick is laid out in traditional British fashion with a grid-like street pattern interspersed with pleasant squares and green parks.

The original town plan remains in place today, with our English heritage reflected in the historic names of many of our streets and squares: Prince, Newcastle, Hanover, London, Norwich, George, Dartmouth and Gloucester.

Brunswick was named in honor of the ancestral birthplace of English King George III: Braunschweig, Germany.

Brunswick's deep natural harbor, sheltered from the open sea, has been in continuous use as a thriving seaport, recreational boat landing and as a home port for shrimpboats for more than 200 years.

Brunswick was the site of manufacture of the famed Liberty Ships during World War II. A model can be seen at Mary Ross Waterfront Park. Old Town Historic District has many fine examples of beautiful Victorian style buildings and homes, many built in the 1800's.

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